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Steps to become an Antiques Dealer

An antiques dealer buys as well as sells artifacts, jewelry, books, ceramics, furniture, and other showpiece items that are more than 100 years old. Every antiques dealer has a unique background and they design their shops based on their backgrounds. They may come from an arts or history background. They own an antiques shop where all the articles pertaining to either art, history, furniture are displayed.

If you are determined to go ahead with this profession right from the beginning there are a few things that you could initiate at that time to bring out a successful career as a antiques dealer later.

You can seek advice from an antique dealer in your vicinity. If possible you can do a part time job with one of the antique shops in your area to gather first hand knowledge of the various intricacies of the antiques business. This job can be pursued while you are in college so that you get a better job once you are a graduate in that field.

Also the college you apply for should best compliment your artistic interests and act as a catalyst for you to reach your end goal. You may discuss all possible study options with an experienced counselor to ensure a head start towards your desire of becoming an antiques dealer.

It would be an added advantage if the college you select has antiques dealers and auction houses in plenty.

You must be extremely good at communicational skills since this profession requires a lot of interaction with customers. The goodwill of your antiques shop would largely rely on your interpersonal skills while dealing with people.

These are just the basics regarding the formal educational training you should take. Other means of resources could be some magazines on art that you could read off and on. Take help of other media to find out what is the latest news in this field. You could even browse the net for useful information on antique items.

Every person has a different reason for becoming an antiques dealer. Some collect antiques as a hobby and not from a business point of view. Making money is not the sole purpose behind selling antiques. They generally sell items that any normal person can purchase for their family and which are not very expensive. Since it is a hobby these dealers enjoy the whole experience of buying and selling antiques while at the same time they make a good number of contacts through their business.

For some it is matter of prestige to become an antiques dealer. These dealers buy stuff which is considerably of a higher cost. People who have surplus money to buy expensive antiques come under this category of dealers.

Some like to treasure their antiques rather than selling them off. Larger the collection the more satisfied they are. They generally gather antiques respective to one area like arts or history, etc. They try to collect every item related to their search in the chronological order of its existence. This helps to link each artifact with the other leaving behind a trail of historical sequences of those times.

Some are into this business just to make profits irrespective of what they buy and sell. Making profit is the only aim behind the business of selling antiques.

It is your choice on what type of antiques dealer you prefer to become. Your choice of which type of antiques dealer to become will largely depend on the fact whether you want to make money out of the business or it is just your interest that pulled you here.

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